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League Information


*The program begins in mid / late November and runs until early / mid March.  

On a side note, this year we are introducing a "SECOND SESSION” that will run Mid-March to Late May; the first half of those games will be indoor, then the 2nd half of the season with the beautiful spring weather in place will be outside.   Registration will open for this in December.   Those in the winter session will receive a discounted registration fee for 'spring' indoor/outdoor*

All  teams meet 1x a week unless you have a bye week.     The program is based out of 2213 Commerce Road in Forest Hill (The Hickory Forest Hill Activity Center)

*The first 2 weeks are ‘practice’, then an 8 ‘game’ season concluding with a year end tournament

*All players receive a league jersey.   They each need to get also shin guards, soccer shoes (NO OUTDOOR SCOCER CLEATS) , and a water bottle



GENERALLY speaking, the following age groups meet as follows:



Game time for weekday sessions start @ 5:15pm and run to 8:15pm.   Weekend sessions start a 8:15am and run to 8:15pm.   Matches are typically scheduled each hour etc.  The time for your specific team will vary week to week


Super Clinic – 4 and 5 years olds – Sunday Afternon

Clinic – 5 and 6 year olds  - Sunday Afternoon

7.8 -  Saturdays

9.10 – Thursday or Friday

11.12 – Monday or Tuesday

13.14  - Varies each week.  Monday, Thursday or Friday

15.17 –  Thursday or Sunday

High School CO-ED – Sunday evenings

Adult Co-Ed "PARENTS League"  - Monday, Tuesday or Sunday Evenings


How are teams formed ?

This is an involved answer.    We have two (2) dedicated volunteers, both who do NOT have kids in the program, who will lead this effort.    


We do have a coach’s meeting and some players the coaches select via a draft

We will also be assigning some of each team’s roster by random draw

We try and honor ‘requests’.   We understand the need for carpools and that 8 year old Johnny wants to play with 8 year old Jimmy.      Getting Jimmy / Johnny on the same team will work out; getting Jimmy on the same team with 10 other kids he is ‘friends’ with will not.

We do NOT allow full team registrations.   Why?  Any league that allows team registrations immediately disrupts any attempt at a balance. You will get an advanced level 'club' / 'travel' team involved and you will have 12-0 games.  Yes, of course it is not about winning but you want some form of competition for the kids of all skill levels.  .   There are excellent 'club' level leagues at private facilities in Edgewood (Maryland Sports Arena) and Churchville (Arena Club).   

 We do not allow 'club' teams to register as a team




The HIGH SCHOOL Co-Ed league.     Last year we started this league and learned a great deal in how we need to structure it.    It will operate just like the other leagues with 8 games and then the tournament.     This is the only youth league that we do allow TEAM registrations.   We ENCOURAGE team registrations for this league.    SO,  calling all high school kids ! ! !  Get your friends together, then get a parent to 'captain / coach' the team (we have to have an adult leading each team).  The message HFG.Indoor.Soccer@gmail.com for the HIGH SCHOOL CO-ED TEAM REGISTRATION FORM.    The cost per team is $650 this covers the entire team.


* The PARENTS LEAGUE ! !  This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us who sit on the bleachers and tell our child to score and hustle :)   Now you get to take the field and show them how it's done.     Individuals can register and / or "teams" may register.  Email HFG.Indoor.Soccer@gmail.com for the PARENTS LEAGUE TEAM REGISTRATION FORM.    SO, get your friends and neighbors together and let's go !   Games will be the later part of the evening after the kids are asleep.   All the games will be streamed live on ESPN  (kidding).    AND yes, you get a Hickory Soccer shirt  just like your child ! ! 


* Skills and Drills    We have two training programs -  'SOCCER FUNDAMENTALS', designed for 8-10 year old players; AND a "HIGH SCHOOL PREP" designed for 11-13 year old players.  Each program will be lead by current or former high school coaches or nationally licensed soccer club coaches.  Both programs are 6 weeks; a 1-hour session each week.  These programs start in mid January and run into late February / early March.    Registration will open for these on August 30th.



 We need you !!!

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